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Diamond clarity grading...

The greater a diamond's clarity, the more brilliant, valuable and rare it is...and the higher it is on the Diamond Quality Pyramid.

Virtually all natural diamonds contain identifying characteristics, yet many are invisible to the naked eye. Under the scrutiny of a jewellers 10X-magnifying loupe or microscope, natural phenomena called inclusions may be seen. These are nature's birthmarks, and they may look like tiny crystals, clouds, or feathers.

Diamonds categorized as internally flawless reveal no inclusions. Flawless stones are at the peak of the Diamond Quality Pyramid and are treasured for their rarity and beauty. Diamonds with very, very small inclusions are graded as VVS1 or VVS2. The larger the inclusion, the lower the grade and the less rare the diamond. Inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye are graded I1/P1 to I3/P3.

Symbol Meaning Definition F Flawless Free from all inclusions or blemishes. IF Internally Flawless No inclusions visible at 10X magnification. VVS1 Very Very Slightly Included. (#1 inclusion.) Inclusions that are extremely difficult to locate at 10X. VVS2 Very Very Slightly Included. (#2 inclusions.) Inclusions that are very difficult to locate at 10X. VS1 Very Slightly Included. (#1 inclusion.) Minor inclusions that are difficult to locate at 10X. VS2 Very Slightly Included. (#2 inclusions.) Minor inclusions that are somewhat difficult to locate at 10X. SI1 Slightly Included. (#1 inclusion.) Noticeable inclusions that are easy to locate at 10X. SI2 Slightly Included. (#2 inclusions.) Noticeable inclusions that are very easy to locate at 10X. I1 Included. (#1 inclusion.) Obvious inclusions. Somewhat easy to locate with the unaided eye. I2 Included. (#2 inclusions.) Obvious inclusions. Easy to locate with the unaided eye. I3 Included. (#3 inclusions.) Obvious inclusions. Very easy to locate with the unaided eye. It is these inclusions or blemishes that give each diamond its own unique fingerprint, making your particular diamond truly yours. In fact, the independent grading report that comes with every diamond (from 0.30ct. and bigger) we sell will show a diagram indicating any blemishes your diamond may have, as well as their location.