Black diamond
Black Diamonds - Truly out of this world
Black diamonds are possibly one of the most interesting stones found on our 'little' blue planet - although, many people still don't completely understand what they are or why they are so "exotically attractive". Well, the unique aspect of black diamonds lie in the fact that many scientists theorise that these precious stones aren't actually from our planet. This is why they are so peculiar to the average consumer; it's also why you don't usually find them being sold as retail or wholesale diamonds at regular jewellery stores.
Africa Diamonds: Jewels from the Heart of Africa
Among certain social circles it is agreed that beauty is synonymous with the African continent. Africa, its culturally-rich locations and undoubtedly its diamonds are some of the continents unforgettable marvels. When it comes to sparkling diamonds of the highest standards, Africa is abundantly bestowed with these precious minerals. If you are looking for exclusive jewellery - be it a necklace, bracelet or wedding ring - a combination of original Africa diamonds will add that extraordinary touch!
Diamond rings
How are Diamonds Priced?
This is a commonly asked question and it does have more than one answer. Polished diamond pricing stems from how diamonds are priced in the rough and works on the supply and demand principle.
150th anniversary of diamonds in sa
150th Anniversary of Diamonds in SA
2017 marks the 150th Anniversary of the discovery of diamonds in South Africa. Actually, that may not be entirely true as diamonds may have been discovered earlier by people who never put them up for commercial use. However, the discovery of the first diamond on the banks of the Orange River near Hopetown (1867) sparked the development of mining in the country. It was also the spark that started many other things including the establishment of the first stock exchange in South Africa in Kimberley in 1881.
August   about diamond certificates
About Diamond Certificates
A diamond grading certificate is a report given by an independent and professional gemmological laboratory. The diamond is evaluated for its quality, not its value and every diamond is unique. This certificate will map out all the diamond's recognizable and individual characteristics.
August   are diamonds really forever
Are Diamonds Really Forever
In the past, the Greeks and the Romans thought that the diamonds were tears of Gods and small pieces of stars. There were also the Hindus, who thought that the diamonds had so much power that they put diamonds in the eyes of some of their statues. Other people believed that an unapproachable valley in Central Asia covered by diamonds existed. One said that this valley was "kept by birds of prey and protected by snakes of mortal stare". Besides believing that diamonds could attract luck and success, people also thought that they could defy the astrological events. Many people used them as jewels, supposing they would be increasing their sexual power and capacity to attract.
August   crucial factors in purchasing diamonds
Crucial Factors in Purchasing Diamonds
Diamond clarity is the most important thing to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a diamond. However, it can be challenging to get high quality diamonds especially if you don’t know much about them. Before you go out and purchase a diamond, you should read this guide to make sure you don’t get stuck with an over-priced, low quality rock.
August   history of diamonds
History of Diamonds
It was over 4000 years ago that the first diamonds were mined in India, in alluvial deposits of the stone along the rivers Krishna, Penner and Godavari.