Colour diamonds
Where do Coloured Diamonds Come From?
When people think of a diamond the first thing that comes to mind is a clear gemstone with no perceivable colour. This is certainly epitomises the perfect diamond but the fact of the matter is that gemstone quality diamonds like these are very, very rare. What many people don’t realise is that there exists diamonds of nearly every colour in the rainbow. These coloured diamonds can sometimes be worth more than the normal clear diamonds most people think of.
Black diamond wedding
Black Diamond Rings
Critics say that black diamond rings are just a fad, and it's most likely that these gemstones will depreciate once the hype wears off. However, this doesn't lessen the enjoyment that males are now discovering in the precious stone. Diamonds used to be a gemstone that only women appreciated. The white perfect diamond appeared to be too flashy for men. This is the reason why, in most engagements, only the women wore the ring. Today is a different matter, though.
Engagement ring
Why Choose a Coloured Diamond For Your Engagement Ring?
Choosing the diamond for your engagement ring is one of the most important things to consider. Significant amount of time is spent choosing a diamond that combines all the qualities that suit you, including most importantly your style and budget. The Four C's of a diamond help to determine the look, weight, and of course cost of the centre stone. While diamond colour may not be the first C on everyone's mind, it's just as important as the others.
Blue diamond jewellery
Blue Diamond Jewellery
The majority of all diamonds that are bough are usually clear or white coloured diamonds. Now there is a new choice and that is blue diamonds. If you are looking for something that will stand out more than the usual clear diamonds, you might want to consider taking a look at blue diamond jewellery.
Blue diamond ring
Blue Diamond Rings
Blue engagement diamond rings are a fantastic option for any partner who wishes for something unique and special. Pure glowing blue diamonds are incredibly rare. Diamonds are all beautiful, however blue diamonds are very rare, which makes them that much more special. Finding one is easy enough - however it will likely be very expensive. These diamonds are usually 10-50 times the buying price of the same level of quality stone with no colour.
Blue diamond
The Facts About Blue Diamonds
Diamonds are composed of carbon atoms that have been subjected to extreme pressure and heat. If the diamond contains no impurities then the colour will be crystal clear. Nature rarely creates anything that does not have any impurities in it. Most diamonds will contain some amounts of nitrogen atoms. If a few of the millions of carbon atoms have been replaced by nitrogen atoms, then structure of the diamond will not be significantly altered but the clarity will be changed.
Coloured diamonds
Coloured Diamond Meanings
Diamonds are available in almost every colour imaginable. Coloured diamonds are classified differently to regular clear diamonds and are often called fancy coloured diamonds. Naturally coloured diamonds change into a different colour because of various conditions or elements the diamond is exposed to whilst it is being formed. Treated or synthetically coloured diamonds are created by gemologists in a laboratory. Regardless of where the diamonds colour comes from, these coloured diamonds can be extremely fashionable and rare.
Famous coloured diamonds
Famous Coloured Diamonds - The Hope Diamond
The Hope diamond has a long and interesting history. It is not known where exactly this coloured diamond was discovered but it has been said that is was taken from a sculpture in India. This magnificent coloured diamond was known as the deepest blue coloured diamond in the world and was a staggering 112 carats before it was cut.
Famous black diamonds
How Black Diamonds were Created
Black diamonds are extremely rare and are actually a type of pure carbon crystal rock called carbonado. Carbonado or black diamonds are found in alluvial deposits which are loose earth sediments that have been eroded, moved and deposited by different sources of fresh water. There are various theories of how black diamonds were created. One of the theories of how black diamonds were created is by the earth's pressure on the diamond, much like other diamonds are formed.
Black diamonds
Black Diamond Jewelry
Black unique diamond jewelry offers a unique twist on the more traditional engagement rings necklaces, rings and bracelets for the perfect anniversary gift. Black diamonds are extremely sturdy and durable making them the perfect unusual gift stunning and sturdy for a life time of wear and tear. These diamonds - like coloured diamonds - generally are known as fancy diamonds and can sometimes command a high price.
Black diamond jewelry
Black Diamonds
Diamonds are found naturally in over 300 different hues in colours ranging from red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, green, brown, white and of course, black. In fact diamonds are found in the greatest number of hues of any gemstone. All natural fancy coloured ones are incredibly rare compared to the normally colourless, or white stone - this makes them substantially more expensive.
Black diamond pear
Similarities and differences between black diamonds and white diamonds
What comes to most people’s minds when they think of diamonds is a white brilliant and sparkling stone. The immediate thought is that diamonds are white, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Natural blue and black diamonds also exist but they are rare. You cannot find many natural black diamonds in the market, most of the ones found are coloured diamonds where the colour has been artificially changed to black. Black diamonds, also known as carbonada; are only found in Africa and Brazil, however there are striking similarities between black and white diamonds.
Black   white diamonds
What you need to know about fascinating blue diamonds
Contrary to what most people believe, white diamonds are not the only rare and expensive gems to find. Natural blue diamonds are even harder to find and are among the most expensive coloured stones found in the market today. Blue diamonds are often detected by its colour and if blue diamonds are your choice of jewellery, you need to know a few facts about them, from the colour to clarity amongst others.
August   fancy coloured diamonds
Fancy Coloured Diamonds
If you have been thinking about buying or wishing for a fancy coloured diamond read this article first! Coloured diamonds are the next big trend in jewellery design. The spectrum of colours is as big as your imagination. Choosing what’s right for you can be overwhelming in today’s diamond market.
August   diamond colour 101
Diamond Colour 101
A diamond is a highly precious stone and is one of the hardest known natural materials in the world. Many high profile celebrities, royalties and ultra-rich people buy diamonds both for adornment and investments. When in time of unforeseen financial problems, diamonds can be easily sold for a high amount.