Africa diamonds for keeps

Arguably the best, most beautiful diamonds are Africa diamonds based on the continents historic and current significance in producing the mineral. If beautiful, stylish and sophisticated diamonds are what you are after, then you have come to the right place. Africa is recognised for its mineral-rich deposits of all kinds, from precious metals to oil, and the most sought after of these resources is Africa diamonds.

However, there is always a moral concern to be addressed, especially when conflict diamonds fuel so many of the continents problems. Diamond Source offers you the widest selection of high quality diamonds originating in Africa; fully certified for ethical mining and sourcing and with all relevant process or compliance certificates in place. We offer diamonds with exquisiteness fit for royalty, without qualms on stocks or sourcing.

If you are looking for convenient and easily accessible online diamond specialists, Diamond Source is your supplier of choice. With an easy-to-use web presence, purchasing the finest grade cut diamonds and jewellery available in Africa is made simple. Our personnel are always available to promptly provide quotes or assist with any queries you have. To complement our collection of Africa diamonds, we have a wide range of other gemstones from all around the world also on display. These are available at short notice even in the rare event that certain specific gemstones need to be ordered.

Diamond Source also provides customised rings, tailored to your particular requirements. All you have to do is select a band and match it with the perfect Africa diamond. We also have skilled designers on staff. These creative experts can collaborate with you on your ring if you have something more specific in mind. We also provide a wide range of earrings and pendants, so whatever it is you are after, no matter how customised, we can meet your needs.

Shine brightly with the most exquisite Africa diamonds and indulge in the most beautiful gemstones that the world has to offer. Show a loved one how special they are by purchasing them a crafted and valuable ‘artefact of beauty’ that will last a lifetime. Diamonds are a symbol of something eternal, and deserve a great deal of thought and personalisation.

Buying diamonds can be dubious, so make sure your ‘sparkles’ are from a legitimate and credible diamond company whose diamonds are appropriately certified. The best place to find beautiful Africa diamonds is Diamond Source. For a safe and reliable online diamond shopping experience contact us to find the perfect diamond for any occasion.