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Buying a Diamond – What to remember
When you decide to invest in this gorgeous gem, you need to remember that it is just that – an investment. Seeing as diamonds last forever, this will be a buy you shop around for and make sure about. Diamonds are rated by the 4 C's namely: cut, colour, clarity and carat.
Make a piece of jewellery your signature
When you are in the market for a piece of jewellery that will make a statement chances are you won’t find it in retail jewellery store. A well made, designer piece of jewellery can add grace and style to any outfit and best of all is you will not find another person walking around with the same thing. Diamond bracelets are one such item that can add style to any person or outfit. At Diamond Source we will design and manufacture a stunning piece of jewellery that fits your style, personality and lifestyle.
Black Diamonds - Truly out of this world
Black diamonds are possibly one of the most interesting stones found on our 'little' blue planet - although, many people still don't completely understand what they are or why they are so "exotically attractive". Well, the unique aspect of black diamonds lie in the fact that many scientists theorise that these precious stones aren't actually from our planet. This is why they are so peculiar to the average consumer; it's also why you don't usually find them being sold as retail or wholesale diamonds at regular jewellery stores.
The Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Diamond bracelets have been popular for a long time. The wrist is an ideal location to display the beauty and sparkle of diamonds, as the movement of the hand helps display the brilliance of light as it plays with the cut of the stones. There are various settings and clasps that can be used with a diamond bracelet, and must be considered carefully, as you might have significant value both emotionally - if it was a valued gift - and also in terms of monetary value. You don't want to lose your favourite piece of jewellery because of a poor clasp.
Tips to Buy Diamonds
If you want to buy diamonds for an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other jewellery item you would like to have made, you should first do some research and gain some knowledge on diamonds before you buy them.
Fashionable Silver Bangles
Timeless pieces of elegant jewellery are silver bangles worn on the wrist by women. It is graceful, beautiful, subtle and classy at the same time and it always attracts attention as a prominent accessory. Nowadays, silver bracelets are worn by both men and women. A silver bracelet or silver bangles are the perfect complement to other jewellery worn or a watch on the wrist. Also, silver bracelets are a valuable investment and suit all sorts of wardrobe styles, be it traditional or party wear. You can choose to accentuate the beauty of the silver bracelets by adding elaborate gemstones to them, the favourite gem being diamonds.