Black Diamonds - Truly out of this world

Black diamonds are possibly one of the most interesting stones found on our ‘little’ blue planet – although, many people still don’t completely understand what they are or why they are so “exotically attractive”. Well, the unique aspect of black diamonds lie in the fact that many scientists theorise that these precious stones aren’t actually from our planet. This is why they are so peculiar to the average consumer; it’s also why you don’t usually find them being sold as retail or wholesale diamonds at regular jewellery stores.

How they differ from normal diamonds

Black diamonds are only found in two parts of the world – the Central African Republic and Brazil – which is why scientists originally theorised that they originate from space or another planet via meteoric hits. This puzzles many in comparison to normal diamonds, which are found all over the world.

The unique characteristics of black diamonds

Another interesting characteristic of black diamonds is that they are basically made up of thousands of little diamonds squashed together. This causes black diamonds to react differently towards light and, instead of refracting and reflecting light, these unique diamonds actually absorb light. This is the main reason why many people don’t take preference to black diamonds since they don’t have the brilliance that is created from reflecting light. When looked at through the right perspective, however, these diamonds are exotic and although they are made from the same carbon structure as normal diamonds, possess their own value and rarity. Another factor that makes them highly valuable is that they are in limited supply, with no definite way of procuring greater volumes at present.

So next time you’re considering buying a diamond either for someone special or as an investment, consider the rare and sought-after black diamonds. These have an unmistakably unique beauty that essentially can’t be compared to any other stones or material on Earth. Contact us here at Diamond Source for more information on wholesale diamonds, black diamonds as well as precious and semi-precious stones. We are reputable suppliers in South Africa and are dedicated to sourcing the perfect gemstones for any and every occasion.