Make a piece of jewellery your signature

When you are in the market for a piece of jewellery that will make a statement chances are you won’t find it in retail jewellery store. A well made, designer piece of jewellery can add grace and style to any outfit and best of all is you will not find another person walking around with the same thing. Diamond bracelets are one such item that can add style to any person or outfit. At Diamond Source we will design and manufacture a stunning piece of jewellery that fits your style, personality and lifestyle.

When you are designing diamond bracelets you can basically see the sky as your limit. Because of its size, there are a number of ways its fastener can be designed, and if it will carry valuable stones, we can even add a much needed safety clasp.

We have highly qualified goldsmiths who will manufacture your diamond jewellery.

Making diamond jewellery is a delicate and intricate process and expert knowledge is needed to ensure that the jewellery is of the highest quality and a long life-span.

Start collecting ideas

Many people will have a very definite picture of what they want for their diamond bracelets, but sometimes there are so many choices that you just cannot decide. A good idea is to start collecting pictures of pieces you like and highlighting the aspects you like most about it. Once you have a number of pictures, our jewellery designers can sit with you and work on a design that will include all your favourite aspects in a diamond bracelet that is uniquely you.

Caring for your diamond bracelet

If you will be wearing your diamond bracelet regularly remember to take extra good care of it because it will ensure a fair amount of abuse, purely because of its location on the body. Remember, if it contains diamonds, have the settings checked every year and also make sure that the safety mechanism is working well and closes properly. As with all other jewellery and diamond jewellery, take it off when you do chores and don’t sleep with it. For more information about our diamond jewellery bracelets, contact Diamond Source today.