Beware of cheap diamonds, rather get expert help from Diamond Source

As with so many things in life it is sometimes better to go for quality rather than quantity. This example is best explained through the analogy of a motor vehicle – would you rather have the trusted German brand vehicle with a stable track record, even though it doesn’t have the big engine you really want or would you go for the cheap imported vehicle you have never heard of, even if it has all the bells and whistles? Most people would go for the trusted brand because they know to some extent what they are getting. The same goes for diamonds, many people want cheap diamonds, but so often they are of an inferior quality. What’s more, with cheap diamonds, can you be sure that you are getting the real thing?

Science is playing catch up fast and you can now buy high quality cultured diamonds for a fraction of the price and they look like the real thing. If you are confronted with someone selling cheap diamonds, have the stones checked out by a jeweller you trust before you part with your money. Another aspect to consider when you can get a cheap diamond is whether it is a blood diamond. These types of diamonds are mined in Africa and are used to pay for warfare in these countries and are sold by terrorist groups.

At Diamond Source we will give you the necessary guidance and advice in terms of diamonds so that you are buying the best quality diamond for the budget you have. Remember that a flawless, clear diamond of half a carat is worth much more than a diamond of a carat that contains flaws.

Don’t fall victim to the allure of cheap diamonds, let us help you find the one that is perfect for you.