Black Diamond Jewelry

Black unique diamond jewelry offers a unique twist on the more traditional engagement rings necklaces, rings and bracelets for the perfect anniversary gift. Black diamonds are extremely sturdy and durable making them the perfect unusual gift stunning and sturdy for a life time of wear and tear. These diamonds – like coloured diamonds – generally are known as fancy diamonds and can sometimes command a high price. The colour or hues are important in terms of value the richer the colour the better the diamond. Black jewelry is unusual and therefore makes the perfect unique gift for both men and women. A black diamond ring in a solitaire high prong setting or a three stone ring with accented diamonds, look stunning.

For the perfect anniversary gift, a necklace or bracelet makes the perfect matching accompaniment for a truly romantic memorable gift. Black is always in fashion and black diamonds can look stunning whether teamed with a casual shirt and pair of favourite jeans or a little black number essential to any woman’s wardrobe. As with traditional diamonds, the significance of the 4 C’s are important to the overall cost of the diamond. Black stones are formed when a slight amount of carbon is uncrystallised discolouring the stone. Coloured diamonds are of a lesser grade generally than clear colourless diamonds. Fancy diamonds are generally flawed. Black diamonds should command a lower price in terms of their grading but the popularity of unusual coloured diamonds is growing. The universal appeal of the coloured diamond is evident with a search of the internet.

The demands for black stylish jewelry are at an all time high with both men and women. Men’s engagement ring predominantly contains black diamonds for an attractive masculine look. Black diamonds are not for everyone but for those who choose the stunning gems the look is truly mesmerising. Matching female and male engagement rings make a unique bold statement. A black diamond in a platinum or white gold setting surrounded by contrasting white diamonds make a stylish statement and can be accessorised with any fashion trend. Diamonds famous the world over are generally coloured ones. Coloured diamonds generally require some enhancement as the natural earthed mined diamond have a grey dull hue to it until it is polished and shaped to give it a dark seductive sumptuous glow to it, improving the hues and saturation of the gemstone. The internet is great starting point for the perfect black, bold beautiful engagement ring.