Black diamonds - An overview

Black diamonds with their enchanting beauty symbolise authority and power. Diamonds have long been associated with passion, opulence and even rule. These precious stones are also known as “carbonado diamonds”. The rise in popularity of using black diamonds in jewelry has also been steadily growing. A Swiss jeweller called Fawaz Gruosi virtually started the trend in 1996 after producing his successful collection of jewelry showcasing the precious stone.

In fact, these stones are surrounded by myth and mystery. In India many myths about these rare precious stones exist. It is believed that black diamonds bear a resemblance to the eyes of a snake, and was thus dedicated to Yama, an Indian god. Other myths suggest these valuable stones are as old as the solar system. Italian tradition on the other hand puts forward a positive spin regarding these rare specimens of diamonds, and their beliefs; black diamonds were said to have ‘beneficial properties’ such as saving a troubled marriage if both husband and wife were to touch the stone. These and other interesting myths and superstitions surround these enchanting stones.

Even though black diamonds do not sparkle as other varieties of diamonds do, their rarity and aesthetic value add to their popularity. So, given its unique beauty, what is the origin of black diamonds as such? A common theory holds that these particular diamonds did not originate within the earth, but in an asteroid that landed on earth many, many years ago. Their unique composition – comprising of millions of crystals stuck together – are key factors in what makes them so different from other types of diamonds and precious stones.

Their value is determined by using a special scale designed for this particular use. Both the diamond size and coloration is taken into account. A rating scale, of “A”, “AA” and “AAA”, is used to categorise the quality of black diamonds. The highest rating indicating best colour and finish is AAA while A denotes a lower grade.

The popular types of jewelry that mainly feature black diamonds in its design are: Black diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces, engagement rings and eternity rings. Famous and rare black diamonds include the Black Orlov or Eye of Brahma, The Amsterdam Diamond, Gruosi diamond, Korloff Noir and the Table of Islam.

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