Choice to buy quality diamonds – now simpler than ever

Diamonds have their benefits from the prestige of owning them to their durability and asset value. From diamond engagement rings, diamond rings, diamond necklaces and other jewellery you can buy in the market – you can have these long-lasting sentimental gems in different shapes, designs and sizes.

Diamonds are known for their longevity; they last longer and are essentially for a lifetime. Some stones which cost less may not last as long though. Therefore if it is a wedding or engagement ring rather invest in quality product and workmanship only. With diamonds, the stones can last up to 50 years and more when worn on a daily basis. In the geology world, diamonds are renowned for being the hardest and most durable natural substances one can find.

Clarity and shape of diamonds are also major factors when buying diamonds. If you want to buy diamonds in the form of a wedding or engagement ring, for example, you may think that clarity is just but one of jewellers’ ways of getting more money out of you. But it is true that the higher level of clarity on your ring, the nicer the ring will look years down the road. It will thus sparkle like a new ring for a very long time.

While price and quality may be determined by the purchaser of the ring, the shape should at least have input from the beneficiary or the recipient of the wedding or engagement ring, if possible. This is even truer for fancy-shaped rings. Unless there is a particular preferred shape, a round diamond is best as it has more sparkle than other shapes, it is timeless, and can accommodate any ring setting.

When you buy diamonds that are already set in a ring, the colour of the diamond becomes harder to detect. It is difficult for an untrained eye and for most observers to distinguish colour-grade from the one above or below unless you compare the rings side by side in a controlled environment. The colour of diamonds is also much easier to detect on larger diamonds. For best value for colourless diamonds, look for the G-J diamonds and for diamonds over 1 carat, G-H is best.

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