Classified Advertisements offering Diamonds for Sale

Buying diamonds online from a diamond and jewellery wholesaler is quite different from purchasing diamonds through a website that places classified advertisements offering diamonds for sale. With more and more people selling their unwanted diamond jewellery items online to make a bit of extra cash there are often some great deals available on the internet. People place advertisements online to sell their diamonds for various reasons. Some reasons may include divorces, unwanted birthday presents or inherited diamond jewellery items that they do not like. The reasons for people advertising their diamonds for sale are numerous.

Some caution must be taken when responding to a classified advertisement offering diamonds for sale at rock bottom prices – especially if the online advert is placed by an individual and not a certified diamond seller. Never pay for any diamond jewellery up front and never give out any of your personal information. Always make sure that the seller of the diamond jewellery is willing to give you a legitimate certificate specifying the cut, colour, carat and clarity and find out why they are selling their unwanted diamond jewellery.

Classified advertisements with clear photos are always more appealing than those without, but one must remember that not all photos are able to give you an accurate visual description of the diamonds that are for sale. If you find diamonds for sale online that you are very interested in purchasing, contact the seller and arrange a meeting in a public place to view the diamond jewellery. Take someone with you when you meet and if you feel uncomfortable – rather do not buy the diamonds. If you need additional confirmation that the jewellery and diamonds advertised are indeed legitimate, ask the seller to accompany you to your favourite diamond wholesaler to value and assess the diamond jewellery before making a purchase.