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Whether it is a special treat for yourself or you are looking for ideas for an engagement ring, Diamond Source is the perfect place to find exclusive ring designs. You will a number of already designed rings which you can personalise with a diamond of a particular shape or size. However, you can also bring your own ideas and we will work with you to get a number of unique exclusive ring designs which will suit your style and personality perfectly. We can work with your existing diamonds, or you can buy from us. As specialists in the diamond market we will provide you with high quality, certified diamonds that are guaranteed conflict free.

We have a wide range of exclusive ring designs

We have a ring that is perfect for the occasion, whatever it might be. We have a wide range of engagement rings, wedding bands, men’s rings as well as dress rings. Take good care of your jewellery. If you want to ensure that your jewellery is maintained for as long as possible it is very important that you keep it in a cool environment. Even though diamonds are the toughest material known to man, it doesn’t mean it is indestructible. Diamonds can scratch each other and other fine jewellery and you will not be able to repair it. Be sure to keep your diamond jewellery in separate compartments to ensure longevity. When you wash your jewellery use a mild detergent and leave it to soak for a while. After soaking use a soft brush and gently scrub to remove any dirt. You can dry your diamond jewellery with a soft, lint-free cloth. If you have invested in one of our exclusive ring designs, it is a good idea to have the settings checked regularly to ensure that you don’t lose your diamond. Contact Diamond Source today and get the ring you have always dreamt of.