Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity rings physically have the advantage of always looking “right” because the gemstones completely circle the ring. This is the continuity of your love symbolised by the circular band and further emphasised by the circle of stones. For this reason, these rings make a wonderful choice for wedding bands.

There is a rich history behind these rings. It is believed they were first made and worn by the ancient Egyptians. The rings consisted of a band of metal with stones equally spaced around it. The stones could be separated with some type of decoration between, or stones set to make the entire circle. These early rings symbolised the eternal love lasting through the eternal life Egyptians believed in. The unbreakable circle made of precious metal represented never ending love and trust throughout life. The addition of valued stones not only accentuated the beauty of the ring, but indicated the precious love that would last throughout this life and into the next.

The stones on earlier rings were set only halfway around the circle (a half eternity ring.) They often came fashioned in the form of a snake swallowing its tail. This also symbolised the circle of love and life as something eternal. When stones were added, they were “flush mounted.” The stone was embedded at the same height as the metal band making the ring comfortable to wear no matter where the stone sat in regard to the fingers. Protruding stones would have irritated when they rested between fingers.

Diamonds also represent eternity as one of the most beautiful and strongest substances formed over a long period of time (eternity.) They signify loyalty, fidelity, eternal friendship, and undying love and devotion. These qualities have made them the perfect symbol promising an eternal life of togetherness. The use of diamonds in these rings represent all the things the stones symbolise with their qualities embedded in an eternal circle, magnifying the meaning of the ring’s unending beauty.

Modern eternity rings are ordinarily “channel set” for comfort. A raised metal ridge is applied to either edge of the band and stones are mounted to sit within this height, once again making the ring comfortable for the wearer, while the stones receive additional light to accentuate their facets more completely. Individual “claw” set rings were previously used only in “half” eternity rings (the stones only set half way around the band.) With the ability to craft claw settings that fit tightly and can be smoothed to the point of comfort, they can now be set as a full eternity ring allowing even more brilliant shine to the stones.

These rings must be made specifically for the recipient. Many individuals believe they mustn’t be sized because the band shouldn’t be cut – breaking the circle. Sizing could also mean that, because of the placement of the stones encircling the ring, some might be lost, or the alteration might make an uneven space in the band. So eternity rings are always purchased to size or made to order.

The popular meaning of eternal love attached to these rings has been widened out for modern couples. Circular bands of diamonds still complement a diamond solitaire engagement ring as a wedding band. However, their popularity has spread to anniversary rings as well, symbolizing the eternity you plan to spend together or (for a 25th or 50th anniversary) acknowledging the “eternity” of love already shared. Commemorating the birth of a child is an ideal occasion to celebrate with the gift of one of these rings. It can symbolize eternal love for your wife and the gift she has given you, or the eternity of your family. Many men (married or not) choose to gift their love with an eternity ring to wear on her right hand.