Diamond Shopping

Each loose diamond is a one-of-a-kind and truly unique. Unique in relation to size, shape and clarity, a loose diamond is often quite difficult to purchase due to man-made and natural imperfections changing the grading scale of each stone. If new to buying objects of this type, then it might help to consider some of these points.


Shopping for the right diamond can be quite expensive and might be one of the biggest purchases made during the course of the year. A starter point when acquiring a loose stones relates to the overall available budget. While the ideal cut diamond comes in a wide-range of prices, which relates to the clarity, shape, size, and rating, once you are aware of how much money you can invest in purchasing a stone, you are then in the right mind-frame to analyse a choice of stones after visiting the best jewellers in the area.

Shape or Cut

One of the main points a person considers in choosing a diamond relates to the shape. Having decided on a preferred cut, it will then be possible to inspect a selection of diamonds and see how the loose diamonds where cut to shape. Some are dull and lifeless while others sparkle. A perfectly cut diamond is often difficult to find, although these can be found if the right time and effort is put in to searching for these loose stones.


Due to the diamonds being naturally produced, a loose one often comes with several imperfections which happen in the formation process of the item. A diamond is made up of carbon atoms, and in the process of being formed other materials might be fused within the crystal of the diamond. Depending on the type of inclusion, it can gain colour or appear as a defect, although, if no inclusions are noticeable, the diamond can turn out to be far more valuable. Colourless, inclusion-free stones are the most favoured and attract the highest rates, while the coloured ones might be a more attractive proposition for some due to the rarity.

Make certain to shop smart to ensure a diamond budget is spent in the right way. Carat, cut, colour, and clarity all come into the cost, and once the time has been invested in learning how to purchase loose diamonds it makes it easier to get more bright and sparkling stones for your money.