Gemstones and Diamonds

Rubies, sapphires, amethysts and other colourful gemstones are beautiful and precious. Accessorise these fabulous stones with some diamonds. Everything goes with them. They brighten everything up with their sparkle and shine and add to the value of the piece. What is more beautiful than a clean deep red ruby in an emerald-cut and bordered by dazzling round ones?

Know their Significance

There are many occasions that are great opportunities for this kind of gift. Birthdays are especially good times because the birthstone can mixed with diamonds for a spectacular setting. Celebrate the July baby with ruby diamond earrings or the May baby with emerald diamond earrings. What about April? Yes, diamond is the birthstone for April babies. So, give a unique pair with a diamond in the centre and bordered by stones of her favourite colour.

Take her favourite gemstone and border with diamonds or, if it’s a diamond, border it with emeralds to make a memorable anniversary present. Like birthstones, each anniversary year has a gemstone dedicated to it. The diamond doesn’t show up until the 60th, but adding it to the others is a way to work around that. There are so many combinations available in gemstone and diamond earrings that there is something for everyone.

There doesn’t have to be a birthday, wedding, birth or any other event to commemorate a day with jewellery. Sometimes, it is nice to get diamonds and gemstones just because. So, whenever you want to let her know how special she is, don’t wait for a holiday- any old day will do for flash and brilliance.

Style and design

All kinds of designs can be created using a mix of coloured gemstones and diamonds. Pearl diamond earrings may be in the shape of a cross or ruby diamond earrings may form of a flower or a butterfly. These are just some of the many ways jewellery designers get creative with gemstones.

Traditional style uses a focal stone with smaller stones bordering it. Another common style is the cluster. This consists of same-sized diamonds and the other gemstone. They are placed all together to form the cluster or in a pattern like a checkerboard.

Cleaning these precious pieces

They are very durable with a rank of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but there are other gemstones involved here. They can be cleaned using any of the common methods from soapy water, ultrasonic machines to steamers. For opal and diamond earrings, care must be taken when cleaning because opals are very soft.

Polishing with a soft cloth is all that is really recommended for opals and anything else could damage them. Therefore, it is important to understand how to care for the other gemstones since they are going to be more delicate than these master-pieces. Whatever gemstone you prefer with them, you can be sure to enjoy a brilliant and colourful pair of earrings.