Gold Bangles for Any Occasion

Most women feel it is very important to look and feel good, no matter what the occasion and have a flood of accessories and jewellery items on hand. Sometimes it is better to keep things simple, and the best jewellery item to invest in for this purpose, would be elegant gold bangles.

Often, the words bracelet and bangle are used interchangeably, and some people even refer to any circular jewellery item that is worn on a person’s arm as a bangle bracelet. Bracelets are seen by most people to be flexible, unlike bangles which are mostly circular in shape and solid.

A few gold bangles worn on one arm create a wonderful jingly sound if the bangles are made from real gold. If the bangles are made of other metals, like copper for example, the sound of the bangles touching each other will be dull and somewhat hollow. Just remember that the higher the carat of the gold used to make your bangles, the purer and softer it is. Gold bangles made from 24 carat gold for example may be damaged and bent far easier that a gold bangle made from 12 carat gold.

Gold bangles are perfect for formal and informal occasions and will liven up any outfit. Paring gold bangles with a beautiful gold charm bracelet, or gold watch will also add a unique feminine touch. The traditional gold bangle is solid and round and varies in thickness. Many women wear some thick and thinner gold bangles together on one arm. Why not make a fashion statement and wear a bunch of delicate thin gold bangles with your jeans and t-shirt.

If you need to add some colour to an outfit for a formal occasion, you should consider wearing some gold bangles that are decorated with gem stones or diamonds for added sparkle. Paring your gold bangles with elegant gold earrings will round off your outfit perfectly. Accessorising for any occasion has never been easier than with gold bangles.