Investing in Outstanding Diamonds

Due to the wide array of diamonds available on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be quite difficult. There is a lot to take into consideration before going out and purchasing diamonds; this piece will serve as a basic guide with the aim of helping you find your ideal diamond. Bear in mind that before you commence, you will need to first work out a budget for your purchase.

Given the above, the first thing you will need to find out is what “shape” you will be looking to purchase. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, and determining which shape or unique design you or your loved one wants is an essential first step. The last thing you want to do is spend a significant amount of money on a cushion cut diamond when your fiancé had her heart set on a princess cut! The next thing you will need to determine is your preferred “carat” weight.

Once you have decided on the carat weight and shape you want to purchase, you need to try and make it work with your budget. The best way to proceed is to start with the best quality diamond in the shape and carat weight you require. Once you’ve selected the stone you can negotiate with your service provider and enquire into payment plan options. You may choose to opt for a lower clarity and colour as this will help bring the price down.

Next you can explore the different cuts, which refers to the proportions, polish and the symmetry of the stone. Finally, if you are still struggling to fit the stone in your budget you may want to consider shaving off some of the diamond’s carat weight. If you’re shaving off between 10% and 15% it is usually quite difficult to tell the difference.

It is hugely important to establish what your fiancé is looking for in a diamond ring. Once you have this information it becomes a lot easier to create a budget and subsequently shop for the ideal stone. For quality diamonds and sound advice contact Diamond Source today. If you are looking for a range of diamonds to choose from or if you choose to custom make a ring, you need not look any further than us.