Mining Africa Diamonds in Angola and Botswana

The continent of Africa contains numerous natural resources. It is therefore no surprise that the majority of the world’s diamonds are mined in Africa. Most Africa diamonds are mined from areas that are located on a piece of volcanic rock, called a kimberlite pipe. Kimberlite rock is known to typically contain a large amount of diamonds, as is the case with the majority of diamond mines found in the continents of Africa such as Angola and Botswana.

In Angola the world’s fourth largest Africa diamonds mine is found, namely the Catoca Diamond Mine. Other Africa diamonds in Angola are mined from the Luarcica diamond mine and the Fucauma diamond mine which is currently under construction. Angola is the fourth largest diamond producer in the world and the potential of Africa diamonds that may still be mined in Angola is largely unknown.

In Botswana, the Damtshaa diamond mine is located on four kimberlite pipes and produced 292,000 carats of Africa diamonds in 2003. The riches diamond mine in the world is also located in Botswana namely the Jwaneng diamond mine. This mine is known as an open pit mine, which means that these Africa diamonds are mined from an open area instead of from tunnels dug into the earth because the diamonds are found near the earth’s surface. The world’s largest diamond mine is the Orapa diamond mine in Botswana and is located on two kimberlite pipes. This mine produces Africa diamonds seven days a week. The Orapa diamond mine also processes and manages Africa diamonds found at Letlhakane diamond mine and the Damtshaa diamond mine. The Letlhakane diamond mine in Botswana produced 212 kg of Africa diamonds in 2003. At present a number of Africa diamonds mines in Botswana are owned a company called Debswana which is actively contributing to social upliftment within Botswana by providing schools for their employee’s children.