Similarities and differences between black diamonds and white diamonds

What comes to most people’s minds when they think of diamonds is a white brilliant and sparkling stone. The immediate thought is that diamonds are white, yet nothing can be further from the truth. Natural blue and black diamonds also exist but they are rare. You cannot find many natural black diamonds in the market, most of the ones found are coloured diamonds where the colour has been artificially changed to black. Black diamonds, also known as carbonada; are only found in Africa and Brazil, however there are striking similarities between black and white diamonds.

Black and white diamonds have the same chemical composition, only their crystal structures differ, causing the difference we see in their colour. The black colour is due to the unique structure of the stone which absorbs most of the light. Due to the lower reflection, the diamond looks black. Black diamonds are not low quality diamonds compared to white diamonds. Due to their difference in appearance however the guidelines used for rating black diamonds are not applicable for white diamonds.

Most black diamonds are heavily-included white diamonds that have been enhanced through the process of irradiation. Natural black diamonds, however, are rare and quite expensive like white diamonds. Black diamonds do not sparkle, but white diamonds are brilliant and they do sparkle. This is because black diamonds are also opaque and they absorb light rather than reflect it. Furthermore, unlike white diamonds, black diamonds are not graded for clarity, cut or proportions. Sellers often use a scale of A, AA and AAA, with A being the dull and uneven colour often with blemishes and AAA being the best colour black diamond finish.

When considering buying a black diamond ring or piece of jewellery, you must keep in mind that the jewellery will not be as sparkling and brilliant as white diamonds. Although natural black diamonds are rare and expensive, they are still generally cheaper in comparison to white diamonds. The cheapest black diamonds are artificially coloured ones. The selling price of the diamonds will tell you whether the black diamonds are natural or artificially coloured ones.

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