Taking care of your precious diamond ring

Among your most prized possessions is no doubt your wedding or engagement diamond ring. Taking into consideration the cost of investment and its sentimental value, diamond rings should be taken great care of, as they are part and parcel of a treasured list of items, that usually also get passed down from generation to generation.

Insuring your diamond ring is a great idea in the event of unforeseen loss, theft or damage. Your options include adding your piece of jewelry to your home insurance, or taking out stand-alone cover with a specialty insurer for the diamond ring or all your jewelry. When it comes to cover it is also important to know what you are covered for. The fine print must always be read and understood well. Are you covered for repair costs? Are there exclusions and waiting periods?

While you may want to show off your diamond ring at every turn and opportunity, when not wearing your diamond ring, it should be stored safely – preferably ensconced in a soft-cloth covered casing and away from other jewelry and precious stones. This ensures that your diamond ring does not get scratched; keeping it in a flawless, pristine state.

Get a professional jeweler to take care of any loose stone settings or any other noticeable damages as soon as possible. Until you have your diamond ring repaired and thoroughly ‘checked out’, it is suggested that you do not wear it to avoid further damage or possibly losing the diamond.

Although not ideal you can clean your diamond ring yourself, safely and conveniently at home to restore its shine and glory. However, only diamond rings that are free from damage should be cleaned at home. This entails immersing it in a solution of water and mild liquid detergent that is suitable for jewelry. Use a soft bristle-brush such as a toothbrush to loosen dirt and dry with a clean soft cloth. It is still recommended to book your jewelry in for cleaning by a professional, as the risk is unfortunately present that you could unwittingly damage your jewelry, and chances are your results will not be as effective. Speak to your jeweller who can best advise how to take care of your specific “symbol of love”.

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