The Biggest Diamonds Found in SA – Part II

In 1985 South Africa was once again the country to present the world with the largest diamond discovery. The diamond found in SA was even larger than the Cullinan Diamond as it weighed over 150 grams uncut. The diamond was originally named the Unnamed Brown because it was not a brilliant clear colour as the other large famous diamonds from SA.

The diamond was a rather dull brown colour and many felt somewhat disheartened by this flaw. For this reason the cutting method used on the diamond was fairly new as many believed the diamond had no real significant worth. Two years later those that doubted the diamond were pleasantly surprised when the diamond was presented to them in a perfect cut named the “fire rose cushion” and weighed more than the famous Cullinan I. The Unnamed Brown was now christened the Great Star of Africa with “fancy yellow-brown” as the colour grading of the diamond. The Great Star of Africa was bought by individuals in Thailand who presented the diamond to the King of Thailand for the 50th anniversary of his coronation. The King named the Great Star of Africa the Golden Jubilee and it is now safely guarded in the Royal Palace in Thailand.

A year after the Golden Jubilee was discovered in South Africa, another spectacular diamond discovery was made in the Cullinan Mine in SA. The diamond weighed 120 grams and the flawless clarity and colour of the diamond made it instantly greatly famous. As the diamond was discovered almost 100 years after the De Beers Consolidated Mines was founded, the diamond was considered a special symbol of the centenary.

Much planning and investigation went into the cutting of this famous diamond in SA. After the diamond was cut, it was named the Centenary Diamond and was given the highest colour grade ever to be awarded to a colourless diamond in SA. The Centenary Diamond is said to be flawless and weights over 54 grams. The exact location of this famous SA diamond is unfortunately unknown at the present moment.