Tips for Purchasing the Right Bracelet

It is often hard to choose the perfect bracelet. If it is for a gift, you need to consider the style and size as well as if you want it to match their rings and other pieces of jewellery. Here, we’ve listed everything you need to consider when purchasing a bracelet.

Consider the style of the jewellery you/they already have
If it is for yourself, take a careful look at the jewellery you already have and consider whether or not you want your bracelet to match the other jewellery pieces you own. If the bracelet is a gift it is also important to look at the jewellery the person you are giving it to, already has.

A good way to find out their style is to look at what they have in their jewellery box or what sort of jewellery they wear on a daily basis. A good way to browse different styles of bracelets is from the comfort of your own home by searching the Internet. This is a great way to see what styles are currently on the market and also to get an idea of pricing before you make a purchase.

Think of the budget for what you want
Once you have a budget set for how much you want to spend on a bracelet for yourself or for a gift, you can look at what you are able to buy for the allocated price. You may find that you have put aside more than what you need and can also purchase a set of earrings to match.

What metal is best for you/them
This is also related to the style you like. If you wear mostly white gold, it would be a good idea to buy a white gold bracelet to match the rest of your jewellery. If it is a gift, you also need to think about what the majority of their jewellery is made from. You may want to go all out on a gift for that special someone and buy a diamond bracelet to match the diamond rings they have.

Sizing it right
Getting the sizing right for a gift can often be difficult. Some bracelets are adjustable so size isn’t an issue. A good idea is to look at other items they wear on their wrist such as a watch, bangles or other bracelets.

Engraving of gifts
Add a personal touch to your gift for someone special by having their bracelet or bangle engraved. A message from you to them or even a quote they like is also good. This is a lovely idea and something they’ll have that will always reminds them of you.