What you need to know about fascinating blue diamonds

Contrary to what most people believe, white diamonds are not the only rare and expensive gems to find. Natural blue diamonds are even harder to find and are among the most expensive coloured stones found in the market today. Blue diamonds are often detected by its colour and if blue diamonds are your choice of jewellery, you need to know a few facts about them, from the colour to clarity amongst others.

Natural blue diamonds are a result of traces of the chemical element boron and its colour is one of the most important determinants for this type of stone. The primary hues of blue diamonds are blue, green and grey – which can also occur as secondary hues. The most valuable hue diamonds do not have secondary hues at all or have hues that do not detract from the blue colour. The saturation or intensity of the blue in these stones is also a strong determinant in the value of the diamond. If the blue is pale or faint, the diamond will be less valuable of course; those with a more vivid and deep blue are more valuable.

Blue diamonds’ clarity is graded the same way as that of white diamonds. When the diamonds have fewer internal imperfections and external flaws, it will have a higher clarity grade. The colour of blue diamonds hides their imperfections to a certain extent; therefore clarity is not as important for these diamonds as it is for white ones. When you are evaluating the clarity of a blue diamond, basically the best way to go about it is by looking for stones that do not have flaws that are visible to the naked eye.

Natural blue diamonds are rare to find in bigger sizes, therefore the bigger the blue diamond, the more expensive it will be per carat. When it comes to cutting the diamond, blue diamonds are cut to achieve the best colour possible. This is in contrast with white diamonds which are cut to maximise the diamond’s brilliance. Natural blue diamonds are rare, therefore many of them found on the jewellery shops are artificially coloured using heating or high pressure treatment. Sometimes synthetic coloured diamonds are sold. The difference of course will be in the price of the diamonds as natural blue diamonds will be quite expensive.

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