Wholesale diamonds and Great Prices

Wholesale diamonds mean that the prices are very competitively-priced! We at Diamond Source stock and supply diamonds that are sourced locally in South Africa and all have the required certification, while grading is conducted according to the 4Cs. Usually, wholesale prices are volume dependant, but with us our valued clients are able to enjoy excellent wholesale pricing on all their purchases. Our diamond pieces are set in 9ct and 18ct gold and platinum, and the gold is white, yellow or rose gold.

We are also able to elegantly combine metals for interesting looks. There are also many examples of our wide variety of diamonds, unique, cuts, shapes and sizes. These can be used as a reference point to create the same or recreate a brand new design. This can also be set in a ring as per your specific wishes.

Wholesale diamonds are no different in the sense of variety. They also come in all shapes and sizes; round, oval, emerald, heart, pear and princess shapes are available and sizes vary between very small to one carat, all the way to 4 carat and more. Once your stone is selected, you can opt to create desired pieces of jewellery. Whatever your requirements when it comes to designing you can rest assured that your jewellery piece will be made to your exact order. We at Diamond Source are able to produce everything from diamond rings, to ear rings, pendants and bracelets, to suite your unique preferences.

The Diamond Source website offers prospective customers the convenience of calculating the cost of a diamond of their liking; all you have to do is select the carat, shape, colour and clarity of the diamond you prefer and the calculator will compute an estimate of the current price. Buying wholesale diamonds is prudent in that it allows you to select your diamond first and then have it made up in the style of your choice. Arguably the main grading impacting the value and price of your diamond is the carat or weight of the diamond. Having a ring or other jewellery piece set with a one carat diamond for instance is something to strive for, but unfortunately not possible for everyone. So, why not mention your budget to us and we will accommodate you by presenting the main possibilities?

Diamond Source is committed to providing tailored service and high quality products, inclusive of the finest wholesale diamonds. Visit our website and browse our online catalogue to fully appreciate the variety of options. Making your selection from the wholesale diamonds on offer and then placing an order for your jewellery piece is as simple as following online instructions or contacting us directly. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to place your order.